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The Narcissist's Daughter

By Mindy Pollack-Fusi

Can love and intimacy guide Jody’s exodus from her controlling mother, or is the grip of the past too powerful to overcome?​

Jody, a young, Jewish wife and new mom, has endured the self-serving rules set by her narcissistic mother all her life—until the day Jody confronts her husband’s infidelity. When her mother demands she stay married to him to avoid family embarrassment, Jody is forced to stand up for herself—with her loving Bubbe’s support. Her emotional journey takes her down a path of thrilling interfaith romance mixed with turmoil and secrets.  Jody is forced to choose between being a pawn or embracing the life, love, and self-confidence she longs for. This funny, passionate and suspenseful novel is based in Boston, with emotional coastal adventures in Boothbay, Maine and La Jolla, California.

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Special Stripes

By Lois Mirsky

When young elephants bully a baby elephant in Africa born with stripes on his back, they are taught a gentle lesson by Mama Elephant. Later, as Striper and his new friends play, their adventures lead them to a sick baby elephant—as Striper’s stripes lead the way. They also help reunite a missing baby elephant with his mother. No longer unhappy about being different, Striper feels proud that he is the only elephant with yellow stripes. As young readers learn about elephants in Africa, they also see that being different is nothing to fear, as everyone is different and special in countless ways. (More)


A review of Special Stripes:

"This is a sweet story with a simple message that needs to be instilled in our children. Special stripes, or differences, are what make us unique. We can teach our children at a young age to accept what makes us different, not fear or hate it." (More)

Available anywhere books are sold with ISBN 978734858617

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The Ice Cream Stand
Ice Cream Stand.jpg

A collection of funny, edgy, heart-warming and inspirational stories & poems by creative writing students from The Place for Words & Workshops. This book includes essays, short nonfiction pieces, short and long fiction and poems of all kinds written by adults ages 25 to 75. As the book unfolds, readers see the progression of writers' skills. This is not only a great read, but inspirational for writers who wish to develop their art and publish one day. From love stories to real-life tales about people struggling to overcome addiction, and from light adventures at ice cream stands to dark corners of dementia, this book takes readers on a ride through real life and imaginary worlds. Instructors Mindy Pollack-Fusi and Dianalee Velie also include their stories and poems.

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Friends Forever in My Heart.jpg
Friends Forever in My Heart

Four women in their twenties and thirties meet in the late 1970s at a job working the evening shift at a bank, bonding during break times. They grow their friendship outside of work for nearly twenty years, sharing life adventures, both good and bad. Told through the eyes of one friend, who revisits the friendships as she approaches her seventh decade, the story brings each woman to life with tales of friendship, love, and laughter--as well as the toll life can take on individuals and relationships. Readers will meet Jodi, the narrator, who is a happy-go-lucky sort, tall and brunette, and in a life-long relationship with an exotic man. Then there's Marilyn, the sexy blond with curves and charisma, always the fashion bug, looking her best to attract attention from men, which she thrives on for her very sustenance--including being a wife three times. Charlotte, the reserved one of the group, has high hopes for an exciting life, and enjoys her time with her friends, despite secrets at home. Finally, readers will meet Bella, the call-it-like-it-is Italian mother and wife who puts family first--along with her "bellissimo" cuisine. Buy one book for yourself and at least one to pass on to your Forever Friends.

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