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Lois Mirsky


Lois Mirsky is a lifelong writer, education administrator and champion of human causes. This is her first picture book, although she has been reading them to her three sons and seven grandchildren for six decades.

Special Stripes

"Special Stripes is the story of an elephant that stands out in a sea of other elephants. This children’s book for ages 4-9 carries just the right tone for our world right now.

This is a sweet story with a simple message that needs to be instilled in our children. Special stripes, or differences, are what make us unique. We can teach our children at a young age to accept what makes us different, not fear or hate it." (Review by Helene Cohen Bludman)

When young elephants bully a baby elephant in Africa born with stripes on his back, they are taught a gentle lesson by Mama Elephant. Later, as Striper and his new friends play, their adventures lead them to a sick baby elephant—as Striper’s stripes lead the way. They also help reunite a missing baby elephant with his mother. No longer unhappy about being different, Striper feels proud that he is the only elephant with yellow stripes. As young readers learn about elephants in Africa, they also see that being different is nothing to fear, as everyone is different and special in countless ways.


Available anywhere books are sold with ISBN 978734858617

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